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Pear Tree Featured in The London Review of Education

A peer-reviewed article titled "Decolonial approaches to school curriculum for Black, Indigenous and other students of colour" as part of the London Review of Education's special issue: Decolonizing the School Curriculum, featured the methodology and processes of learning at Pear Tree Community School.

Abstract: This article analyses findings from a research project examining the Pear Tree Community School in Oakland, California, USA – a small, social justice-focused school primarily serving Black, Indigenous and other students of colour in grades from kindergarten to Grade 5. Through this multi-year case study, which included observations, interviews and focus groups, this article presents data from interviews with teachers and administrators who explain how they decolonise their primary school classroom curriculum, particularly amid national and global issues, such as heightened racial violence and increasingly polarised political discourse, which adversely impact the families and communities to which students belong. Teachers and administrators share concrete examples of decolonial approaches at the school level and within their classroom curricula that centre the lived experiences and histories of communities of colour. This article contributes an empirical study of one school’s decolonial approaches at the early grades level to the emerging scholarship on decolonising education.

2022 Bajaj LRE-Decolonial BIPOC Ed
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